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Coyote Creek Design & Fab is a small, custom shop with big capabilities. We make things! From a rustic coffee bar, custom light fixtures to product and trade show displays; we make things. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. Inspired by, the mountain west and turn of the century industrial age, Coyote Creek custom products typically reflect modern rustic and industrial design features. Your design our ours, what can we build for you?

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Coyote Creek Design & Fab LLC


Established in 2016 as new company, Coyote Creek Design and Fab LLC has deep roots going back to the early1940’s. During WWII S. Ernest Leopold Sr. and a partner established a plastics factory in Northeast Ohio fabricating display cases for the Bonnie Bell Cosmetics Company as well as other custom pieces. In 1947 the younger S. Ernest Leopold Jr. returned home from the Navy, participated in the family business and entered Kent State University as an Industrial Arts Major. Unfortunately the partnership dissolved and the Leopold family moved to southwestern Pennsylvania in the late 1940’s starting a new venture in the hardware and building supply industry. S. Ernest Sr. passed away at the young age of 49 leaving behind a wife and five children. In addition to helping his mother manage the family business the younger S. Ernest Jr. continued to use his industrial art skills building furniture and creating inlaid floor designs for customers. Moving forward in time, the son of Ernest Jr., Ernest A Leopold grew up in the family business and eventually pursued an education in marketing along with wood and metal fabrication skills. Ernest A. sold the family business and continued his career in marketing and sales but still maintained an active pursuit of wood and metal design and fabrication. Over 75 years later Ernest A. is continuing the Leopold legacy of creativity and design through Coyote Creek.


Several machines from the original plastic factory are still in use at the Coyote Creek shop preserving the humble heritage and time-honored tradition of creative design and quality craftsmanship passed through the Leopold generations. From inspired designs to custom products, Coyote Creek Design and Fab can bring our design, or yours, to reality.


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